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hanging out at I'm Ddeokbokki

It has been a long time since I last wrote! In lieu of a real post, take this bulleted summary of my life:

– This week, we changed schedules at our school.  Formerly, we worked 1:30-7:40, but now we work 3:00-9:50.  I teach middle schoolers as well as elementary, although they are much better behaved so I don’t really mind.  Our school is also starting its mini summer semester (July, August, part of September), and so we are focusing on conjugating different verbs in different tenses.  The goal is to get the students on board with using the right tense in a sentence – they mostly cannot do this yet, so hopefully by spending all summer on it they will be able to.  They are also on public school holiday, but still have to come to academy – poor kids! (And poor academy teachers!)

An example of what I mean: “Everyday, I go to school” versus “Everyday, I going to school” and things of that nature.

– This coming weekend, what seems like all of the foreigners in Korea will be descending on the Boryeong Mud Festival.  Boryeong, a beach city on the west coast of Korea, annually hosts a massive mud festival.  It was created to promote the cosmetic properties of mud from nearby mudflats, but now the festival is associated with revelry of the messiest kind.  We are leaving from Daegu with an organized trip and staying one night in Korean style lodging… a room with a floor.  Should make for an interesting experience.

– In two weeks, Andy and I will be spending our summer vacation in Thailand! Bangkok and the beaches on the west coast (Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta perhaps).

– We also just booked our Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) trip for late September/early October… Japan! Probably mainly the Kyoto area because transportation to Tokyo is crazy expensive.  Japan is notoriously the most expensive country in Asia and definitely one of the most expensive in the entire world… hopefully we’ll be able to save some money but I predict it will be the most costly trip of my life – still worth it though!
hanging out at I'm Ddeokbokki

– Also, I got a haircut.

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