Inch By Inch

So a lot of small things have happened in the past week… we got our visa permission numbers which means we will get our visas very soon! Just have to go to the Korean Embassy in DC and go through an interview process.  Apparently this isn’t extremely formal but I’ll probably overprepare anyway.  I’m excited to have a second visa in my passport (currently have one for Spain)– makes me feel like a real world traveler! Ultimate goal: need extra pages.  We’ll probably do that this week.

Second thing – Beth emailed me a few details on our apartment.  We’re going to have one in the same complex as them, which is great.  It’ll be nice to have someone close by who knows the ropes… I’m afraid of small tasks such as using a washing machine since it’s all in Korean! We’re going to have a three bedroom apartment with a balcony.  I’ve been brainstorming uses for the two extra bedrooms.  Sure, we could go the normal route and each have an office or something, but we could also have a giant ballpit.  Only time will tell (read: Andy will put his foot down).

Once we get our visas, Mr. Kim is going to buy our plane tickets.  I can’t believe we’re getting closer and closer to our departure (92 days!).  It doesn’t feel quite real yet, but I know it will soon.  Then there will be the biggest challenge of all… packing…

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