In South Korea!

I am writing this post from my kitchen in Daegu! After nearly 24 hours of traveling, Andy and I finally made it.  Our director was super nice and bought us some bread and cream cheese so when we woke up this morning we had something to eat (as well as plates, OJ/water, silverware, etc… very helpful).  We definitely need to go buy some things for our place, but we have enough for now.

Our flight from JFK to Seoul/Incheon was pretty nice.  We flew Asiana Airlines and I was overall impressed with their operation.  One of the best parts was the slippers they gave each passenger – so much more comfortable! That flight was about 14 hours, and then we had a ~2 hour layover in Seoul, which was just about enough time to go through immigration and customs.  The Daegu flight took less than an hour – we were happy about that!

When we arrived in Daegu, we were greeted by Ms. Lee (our direct supervisor) and two Korean coworkers.  They helped us with our bags and drove us to the school to meet Mr. Kim.  Everyone was super friendly and nice (and spoke pretty good English).  The school was BEAUTIFUL.  It’s a brand new building, and even has a Starbucks downstairs! It looked kind of like a high-end office building to me.  Anyway, then Mr. Kim drove us to our apartment and explained how to work a few things, such as our ondol heating* and keypad (Korean apartments don’t have keys – you enter a pin on the code on the door instead).

After he left, we made the bed and went to sleep… it was a long day!

*Ondol heating is different than we’re used to back home.  Instead of vents, there are pipes under the wooden floor.  You just turn the water on to whatever temperature you want.  It works surprisingly well.

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