Hidden Gems of Washington, DC

Our group in a tuk-tuk at the Embassy of Bangaldesh

For the month of November, I’ll be participating in BootsnAll‘s Indie Travel Challenge.  Click here to go to the beginning.  In this post, I discuss one of the best hidden gems in my current city of residence – Washington, D.C.  No travel lover should miss this!

Tell us a place in your hometown, or in the town you’re in now, that you think more visitors should experience.

Washington, DC is an interesting city.  I definitely think people who are from this area take for granted the 20+ free Smithsonian museums, incredible monuments, and excellent day trips (some less than 1 hour from the city).  You don’t need a car to take advantage of all it has to offer, either.  If you’re considering adding Washington, DC to your United States itinerary, remember that the same museums would cost $20+ in any other city.  I’m happy to answer questions below, too, if you have them.

That being said, most visitors hit the same places ad nauseam – Smithsonian museums and art galleries, the city’s free zoo, monuments, tidal basin, White House, Capitol building.  Locals know the hidden gems.  I have a few favorites (Hillwood Estate, Glenstone in Potomac, MD, Great Falls National Park, Maine Ave Fish Market), but I really love Embassy Day.

Embassy Day in Washington, DC

Our group in a tuk-tuk at the Embassy of Bangaldesh
Embassy of Bangladesh

For the entire month of May, Passport DC highlights international events throughout the city.  Since Washington, DC is the nation’s capital, there are dozens of embassies here.  It’s actually fun just to walk up and down Massachusetts Avenue and try to guess the country by the flag!

One of their signature events is Embassy Day, when participating embassies hold open houses for the public with traditional food, music, performances, and clothing.  You can also score free stuff just by going! Last year 70 embassies participated.

Trying on traditional clothing at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain

DC, while definitely the quintessential American city, can feel quite international at times.  People travel from all over the world to work and live here.  During the month of May, you can really feel it!

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