Final Days in Daegu

Two weeks before Andy and I left Korea, his friend Sam moved to Daegu.  It was kind of bittersweet since here was his friend he hadn’t seen in so long – in his city! – but we only had a two week ‘layover’ so to speak.  We showed him around a bit and had a few good days.

Sam and Andy eating hotteok in Seomun Market
the noodle stand where we had Seomun Market’s famous kalguksu
Andy and Sam at the top of the E-World Tower (which we could see from our old apartment!)

Later that week we had a farewell dinner 🙁 at Hotel Ariana’s brewery/buffet.  It was really fun since you get live music (English songs) and lots of foreign-style food – as well as unlimited beer and wine.  The beer choices were wheat and stout so not your typical Hite/Cass/OB.  After that we crawled to our last noraebang… an epic one at that!

At the beginning of the night, Claire was shy… for her sake I won’t post the later ones 🙂
Please note all of the fabulous dance moves and tambourine playing skills. Best friends ever

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