I’ve been in Seattle for a few days now.  The last time I was here was for my cousin’s wedding – now she has two sons! They are both adorable and it has been great seeing everyone again.  Seattle is beautiful.  Their summer weather is more like a nice spring day back at home, so it’s been a great escape from the brutal heart and humidity.  Gorgeous cities are backdropped by evergreens and snowcapped mountains, with beautiful lakes in the foreground.  It’s really unlike any cities back east.

We are here for a few more days, doing family stuff.  I’ve been trying to fit some LSAT study in here and there, but it is still very difficult to keep motivated.  The cool crisp air and sound of falling water in the garden sure doesn’t hurt though!

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America the Beautiful

I flew to Seattle today.  Anyone who has flown coast to coast in America will likely have looked out of their window and seen the same views.  I’ve done this same route dozens of times, and nothing down there has changed… yet I love it just as much, if not more.

One thing about America – it’s just so big.  That’s not even counting Alaska (or tiny Hawaii).  I’ve often lamented that I haven’t been able to see enough of my own country.  These flights make that pang worse.

Leaving the East Coast, you look out the window to see industrialization and suburbia – factories alongside cookie-cutter developments and a maze of highways.  Go a bit more west and it becomes patchwork quilt farmland.  This lasts for a while.  We flew over the Great Lakes and Canada, always a treat from 10,000 feet.  My favorite starts around sunny Montana.  The farms are so pretty, alternating green and yellow stripes and circles.  Then, as you cross into Idaho, you see the Rockies.  Today was clear, so everything was crisp and sharp.  The farther west you go, the taller the peaks–and they’re snowcapped.  The snow is shiny and bright in the sunshine, and you have to take a moment to realize that the mountains are so cold, the snow doesn’t even melt.  All year, there it is.  The Rockies are tall.  Finally, as if a curtain were lifted, a valley appears with cute little houses and lakes.  These cute residential areas persist until all you see are evergreen trees and beauty.  And then, the captain’s voice comes onto the PA, “…now prepare for landing…”

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My post on Bermuda never materialized…  It was great; Andy’s family was so kind to include me.  We did so many things, but the best part was getting to know everyone.  Despite the 200 mile distance, I feel very accepted by Andy’s Brady Bunch sized family.  This trip helped me get to know his father’s side much better.  It was something I was worried about, considering I do live so far, but I realize now it is most likely a non-issue.  Anyway, who cares… picture time!

Our hotel in Hamilton
I caught a 35-40 lb. yellowfin tuna! Yummy!
Scooter time

And now I have to try and force myself to fall asleep, as I am getting up at the atrocious hour of FIVE AM tomorrow morning.  Seattle-bound soon!

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