Andy’s Family’s Visit

Last month, Andy’s family came to Daegu.  Unfortunately, so did Typhoon Sanba – yet we managed to find some things to do.

First, there was a baseball game.

Samsung Lions (Daegu) vs. Lotte Giants (Busan)
Go Lions!!

Then we tried makgeolli and shabu shabu.  Yum!

During the storm, we ducked into an arcade for good old-fashioned fun.

The Champion

We feasted on duck-in-pumpkin… (Andy and I will find any opportunity to do so!)

at Goya in Igok-dong

And finally, we explored Apsan, one of Daegu’s protecting mountains.

I can see my house from here!

Andy and his family also explored Busan while I had to work.  Their trip definitely flew by!! It was really great to see some familiar faces.  Also fun to see Korea from a newbie’s eye – we might still be fairly new ourselves but it’s so easy to become accustomed to the oddities of Korean culture.

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Shabu Shabu

Today was a gorgeous day in Daegu, with weather in the 70s.  The best way to celebrate the weather, of course, is to head downtown for dinner and drinks! Andy and I met Keir and Emily at Buy the Book, a foreigner-run bookstore and cafe.  They also sell lots of goodies from home, have board games available to play in-store, and offer alcoholic drinks at their bar.  It’s a cozy little escape from bustling downtown Daegu.

The four of us met up with another couple, Justine and Stefan, and went to a nearby restaurant for shabu shabu.  Shabu shabu is basically Korean barbecue… in soup form.  You add vegetables and meat to broth and let it cook that way.  As you continue to eat, the broth becomes more and more flavorful.  When you’re almost finished, you add some noodles and they soak up the meaty/veggie goodness.

If you want to learn more about shabu shabu, check out this video from Eat Your Kimchi:

It’s a bit dorky and long (I recommend starting at the 1:00 mark), but this Canadian couple has been making videos on Korean topics for several years and there’s definitely some good information in there.  This is how I actually learned about shabu shabu for the first time.

After our extremely filling dinner, we headed to a local makgeolli bar (where I went about a month ago) for drinks and pajeon.  It was really fun to be out with two other couples, especially since these two happen to be from England and South Africa.  Always interesting to note the differences–and similarities–between these three countries!

Outside the makgeolli bar – thanks photographer Keir!

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