Market Day

On Wednesday, my school had a Market Day.  Many schools have their own version, and I think my hagwon did a great job! Instead of classes, all of the students (grades 1-6) were given fake money (depending on how many points they’ve earned all semester) and were able to buy stationery and food.  Stationery is serious business here in Korea… they go nuts for it! So it was definitely appropriate.

What you see when you exit the elevator – Market Day!
Welcome to the KYJ Party!

I manned the stationery/cookie table, while Andy handled drinks and cotton candy.  Yes, my school rented a cotton candy machine just for this occasion.  Yu Jin and Min Young cooked mandu (Korean dumplings) and ddeokbokki (rice cakes in spicy sauce with cabbage, garlic, and fish cakes).  They also sold corn dogs, which Koreans call hot dogs.  It was definitely a Korean kids’ feast!

Working in the stationery shop
Making cotton candy
One of my students, Min Hoon, absolutely destroying his cotton candy
Our ddeokbokki – delicious!

After the party ended, we stayed late to help clean and set everything up for tomorrow.  We ordered mul nyeangmyeon (물 냉면) for dinner, which is one of my favorite dishes.  A great summer food, nyeangmyeon is a cold dish of buckwheat noodles.  Mul nyeangmyeon is served in the icy broth (mul means water in Korean).  A refreshing end to a long day.

Mul nyeangmyeon

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