My New Kindle!

In anticipation of the unavoidable struggle of finding English books in a non-English speaking country, I took the plunge and bought a Kindle.  Specifically, I got the Kindle Touch.  I was debating the new Kindle Fire (which is more a tablet), but since I am mainly using it for books it didn’t make as much sense.  Additionally, many of the perks of the Fire aren’t applicable outside the US market.

When I lived in Madrid, I had to buy books for my English class.  There were only a handful of bookstores in the entire city that even stocked them.  I had to go multiple times because the bookstore in question observed the Spanish tradition of siesta, or closing during the only free time I had all day.  Thanks Spain! When I finally tracked down the books I needed, they were quite expensive since they were imported from England.  The takeaway: if it was that challenging to find books in Spain, it will certainly be twice as hard to find them in Daegu, South Korea.  I know it’s certainly possible, and one can always order online… but with my Kindle I don’t need to.  One click and the book magically appears.  For anyone who torrents content, e-books are out there, although they are so cheap on Amazon’s website that it hardly matters.

I’ve already loaded it up with quite a bit – the Hunger Games trilogy, A Song of Ice and Fire (all 5 of them), a few classics (public domain = free), and some random others.  The Kindle Touch can hold up to 4,000 books so I really have no qualms about what I stick on there.  I anticipate having plenty of time to catch up on all of these books, especially at this rate.  I can’t put it down!

Currently reading: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.  I’m halfway through this monstrosity and I love it!

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