Kimbap (김밥) is Korean comfort food.  It’s tasty and inexpensive, and can be purchased almost anywhere.  I’m assuming it’s not that hard to make, either, although I have never tried.  Kim (sometimes spelled gim) is Korean for laver seaweed, which is the dried seawood on the outside (similar to Japanese sushi rolls).  Bap refers to the steamed rice.  Inside can be all sorts of fillings – egg, vegetables, meat or tuna, and the list goes on.  Unlike sushi, all ingredients are cooked. But like sushi, kimbap is delicious! Kimbap varies in price from 1200-2500 won (~ 1-2 USD) for a roll of several pieces.

Platter of sliced kimbap

I recently found this great video showing the production of rice and kim for kimbap.  The seaweed scenes are filmed in Busan, and the rest of it is filmed in Daegu.  I hope you enjoy!

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