Autumn at the Arboretum

The Daegu Arboretum has a lovely history.  The site was originally used as a landfill from 1986 to 1990.  Today, however, it has been converted into a sprawling botanical garden which also includes several hiking trails.  All of this is free of charge! To get to the Daegu Arboretum (대구 수목원), take the red line south to Daegok, and then follow street signs to the entrance.  They’re in English, Korean, and Chinese.

Autumn is probably not the best season in which to visit, but it’s definitely better than winter.  To compensate for the lack of flowers, the Arboretum is currently hosting a chrysanthemum flower show  which was a bit crowded.  I enjoyed the peaceful walk through the trees regardless.

There are tons of benches and rest areas throughout the grounds, so if I were you, I’d pack a lunch and head over to the arboretum one day for some r&r.  What do you have to lose?

If you’re interested in some of my photos, check them out after the link below.  I’ve been practicing some new things with my camera… 🙂

the entrance

blowing in the wind

by the stream

a chrysanthemum temple

twist twist
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Fall is rapidly coming to a close, which means winter’s not far ahead… Korea is very, very proud of its four seasons, so Andy and I decided to visit Palgongsan (Mt. Palgong) to see some of the foliage in action.  Palgongsan is Daegu’s highest mountain.

At Daegu Safety Theme Park

We took the bus out there and wandered around the base area for a while.  Some kind of small festival seemed to be going on near the drive-in theater.  I wanted to take the cable car so we bought tickets, and up we went.  The cable car at Palgongsan is considerable nicer than at Apsan, as well as the stations, top and bottom.  The view at Palgonsan is of neighboring peaks and farms, rather than the urban sprawl you can view from Apsan.


While some of the leaves had fallen already, the remaining ones were beautiful reds and golds.  My favorite are the ginkgo trees, which fan-shaped leaves turn brilliant yellow.

Korean totem poles, jangseung

Like anything worth doing in Korea, it was a bit crowded, but I wouldn’t let that deter you.  To get to Palgongsan, I recommend taking the bus to the Donghwasa stop.  You can take several Palgong buses or the Rapid 1 (급행1).  Have fun!

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