Andy’s Family’s Visit

Last month, Andy’s family came to Daegu.  Unfortunately, so did Typhoon Sanba – yet we managed to find some things to do.

First, there was a baseball game.

Samsung Lions (Daegu) vs. Lotte Giants (Busan)
Go Lions!!

Then we tried makgeolli and shabu shabu.  Yum!

During the storm, we ducked into an arcade for good old-fashioned fun.

The Champion

We feasted on duck-in-pumpkin… (Andy and I will find any opportunity to do so!)

at Goya in Igok-dong

And finally, we explored Apsan, one of Daegu’s protecting mountains.

I can see my house from here!

Andy and his family also explored Busan while I had to work.  Their trip definitely flew by!! It was really great to see some familiar faces.  Also fun to see Korea from a newbie’s eye – we might still be fairly new ourselves but it’s so easy to become accustomed to the oddities of Korean culture.

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Video: Day Trip at Apsan

Daegu, like most Korean cities, is completely surrounded by mountains.  One of the most frequented is Apsan (앞산), or Front Mountain.  Apsan is on the southern edge of the city and offers some great views on clear days.  Unfortunately for me it wasn’t super clear, but the views were impressive anyway.

Many people choose to hike to the top, but I opted for the cable car ride.  Round-trip was ~7,000 won.  At the top, there was a cafe/restaurant with some great views as well.  Around the base of the mountain is a park and Korean War memorial/museum.  The entire park was busy with people and even a random festival.  Korea loves its random festivals…

View from Observation Area

I also put together a short video that embodies the feel of the entire day.  Unfortunately, I forgot to charge Andy’s camera, so I had to use my digital camera for the latter part of the video.  There’s a clear drop in quality 🙁 But this was mostly to help me learn iMovie and become better at video… nothing major.  It’s about 9 minutes long, feel free to watch.

Edit: I’m having some issues with the audio/video being out of snyc… working on that.  I think it’s tolerable for now but not ideal.  Sorry about that.

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