Cat Cafe

One of the things I was most excited to try out in the ROK was a cat cafe.  Korea is home to all sorts of cafes – cats, dogs, even sheep! Some friends had been to one in Daegu, but didn’t recommend it.  Keeping that in mind, I looked up a nice one in Seoul and Andy and I went back in December.

The name of the cafe is 고양이 다락방 (Goyangi Darakbang, or Cat Attic) and it’s in Gangnam.  Apparently this particular establishment is a chain so there may be a location near you.

Cats have free range

There are a few reasons I recommend Cat Attic:

  • no cat smell
  • the cats were obviously well cared for
  • the staff was really friendly
  • the drinks were really yummy

If you’ve never been to a cat cafe, this is how it works.  First, you take off your shoes and wash your hands.  Then you order a drink – it is a cafe after all! The price of the drink is all you have to pay.  There are cats wandering all over the place.  Occasionally a staff member may place a blanket on your lap – and subsequently a cat! Sometimes they gave us treats to feed the cats, but you weren’t supposed to bring any food from outside.  One nice woman gave me a piece of cooked chicken, and the cats went insane.

Feeding frenzy

Cat Cafes are a uniquely Asian phenomenon, so view it as a cultural experience.  If you miss Fluffy at home, this is a great way to get over that void.  And if it’s Fido you miss, check out a Dog Cafe – there’s one in Daegu that actually has both!

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  1. They were about as playful as the average cat – the kittens were really excited, but some of the older ones clearly just wanted to sleep. When the chicken came out, though, they all went nuts.

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