The Beaches of Tayrona National Park

La Piscina Parque Tayrona

After the boat ride from hell (seriously – take the horses or hike!!), we finally arrived at Cabo San Juan.  I wish I had a photo of our first glimpse of the cape, because it was stunning.  Turquoise water, white sand, lush palm trees, mountain backdrops, and flocks of pelicans flying overhead.  It felt like we had stepped back through time.

The surf at Cabo San Juan is strong – I merely went for a quick dip and felt like I could have easily been pulled out to sea.  Our merry little band walked through the jungle to get to La Piscina, the nearby swimming beach.

La Piscina – Swimming Beach

Walking to La Piscina Beach
Walking to La Piscina Beach

Since our boat left Taganga so late, the beach was already pretty crowded.  We headed for the giant rocks at the end of the beach and staked out a spot.  I would definitely recommend camping in the park to maximize your time.

La Piscina Parque Tayrona
La Piscina

After the most relaxing hours on the planet, we had to head back to the real world.  That second boat ride was probably scarier than the first.  We all regretted taking it the second it started heading into the surf.  Seriously, seriously, take the horses or hike! It’s a scary ride.  When we finally got back to Taganga, everyone clapped and cheered.

3+ hours on the open ocean... in this. Never again!
3+ hours on the open ocean… in this. Never again!

The next morning, we were headed back to Cartagena for New Year’s Eve.  If anyone knows how to ring in the new year it’s los Cartageños… I was pretty pumped to be there a second year in a row!

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