Snowboarding at High1 Ski Resort

Winter has definitely hit Korea! Korean winters are not only cold; they’re extremely windy.  A very unpleasant combination.

Instead of becoming a hermit (and laying on my ondol floors all winter), I went snowboarding at High1 Resort in Gangwon-do.  Gangwon-do is the most northeastern province in South Korea, on the North Korean border.  It’s actually in the Taebaek mountains, where Andy and I originally had an interview last year.  Gorgeous, but isolated.  No thanks.

Map of the mountain

Being an expat in Daegu means there are tons of organized trips every weekend, and so Andy and I choose to pursue one for our trip.  There’s almost one every weekend for the entirety of winter, so it wasn’t difficult.
Our trip included:
– 4-hour bus ride to the resort
– clothing rental
– equipment rental
– 3 meals
– a really strange “party”
– surprisingly nice accommodations, if you can overlook the sleeping on the floor part
– lift passes

View from our condo
View from our condo

Pretty good deal in my opinion.  No organizing required.  As for the actual snowboarding… it was a lot of fun! Some of my previous knowledge reentered my brain, but I still cannot do a toeside turn for the life of me.  My knees can attest to that fact.  I think the next time I go snowboarding I might buy a lesson just for that simple skill, because I really need to learn it to improve at all.  Our trip included a lesson, but it was in Korean, so I opted out.  Andy was a good teacher though!

Using an airgun to remove all snow from the board… why??
Hitting the slopes!
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