World Sight Day 2011

As part of my internship with Waveborn, I wrote a blogpost about World Sight Day (which is tomorrow!) If you’re curious about this event or how Waveborn works to end preventable blindness and impaired vision, check out the Waveborn blog.  I’ll be posting for them occasionally so definitely check back!

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After months of prepping, I finally took the LSAT yesterday.  I was surprisingly nervous driving to the test center, but as I pulled into the parking lot my nerves subsided.  There was a kid standing there in a suit… it was hilarious and definitely helped calm me down.

My test center was great.  We all had our own tables and comfortable chairs with cushions.  It might not sound that exciting, but after tons of horror stories about too-small desks and rooms under construction, it might as well have been heaven.  For some reason, half of the test-takers never showed up… I know this because we had assigned seating.  Not sure why.  The kid behind me had 7 pencils.  The man next to him had a box of twenty.  I felt good about my three… after all, they were Ticonderoga.  (The Cadillac of pencils?)

My test went as follows: LG, LR, LG, break, RC, LR.  This meant one of my Logic Games section was experimental (unscored).  My first LG section was surprisingly easy and I felt confident.  The Logical Reasoning section was okay, about average for me.  The first two games of the second LG section weren’t bad.  I was halfway through the third game when the 5 minute warning was called… WHAT?? It was a really hard game and then I started freaking out.  I bubbled in random answers and flipped to the last game, even though 5 minutes definitely would not be enough.  Lo and behold there was an EVEN HARDER GAME on this page.  I was not able to get a single question.  So yes, for the last EIGHT questions I bubbled D at random, hoping to get at least one or two points…

Not knowing which one of these sections was experimental, I felt ready to cry.  I had never done this poorly on a LG section in all of my practicing.  This is my best section for pete’s sake.  I won’t say how (LSAC forbids students from discussing LSAT questions/sections and can take action on violaters), but I was able to conclude that the second LG section was, in fact, the unscored experimental.  *Somebody* cornered a girl in the bathroom and forced her to divulge information leading to this conclusion.  (Not really forced… but you get the gist.)

With this in mind, I was ready to focus on the more important things – eating my banana and granola bar while being as anti-social as possible.  Lots of students were discussing test questions and even answers, and there were proctors nearby!! Don’t they know they could get a test irregularity? For those who don’t know, an irregularity is serious business and can affect not only your admission to law schools, but your eligibility to sit for the bar! Don’t do it!

Next up was Reading Comprehension, which was okay.  Not sure how I did, think I definitely got at least one wrong.  If experience tells me anything, I probably got as many as nine wrong… Ouch.  Then I had the last LR section, which was harder than the first.  Lots of difficult questions, but I think I got them mostly, if not all, correct.  I haven’t really stopped thinking about them since…

There is a writing section following all this, but it doesn’t count.  I answered it anyway and relaxed during the extra time.  Some students drew or took a nap.  I realize it doesn’t count, but a law school could potentially ask to see it and I don’t think a hand turkey drawing is going to get you into HYS.

After the test was over, I called my boyfriend (his test ended 15 minutes before mine, prompt proctors at his center) and discussed.  He had the experimental LR section instead of games, so it wasn’t clear which one was unscored.  After talking with a few others, it seems possible that this was the first year LSAC has decided to put the experimental in any section.  So… who knows.

Scores come out officially on Oct. 26; unofficially on Oct. 24.  I guess we’ll all find out then!

If LSAC is reading this… it’s all fiction! Surprise! If not, you decide.

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