SK here I come!

For several months, my boyfriend and I have been interviewing/applying/researching English teaching positions in South Korea.  Through a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, we got connected with a great school in Daegu.  We have all of our paperwork in order, and so we accepted our contract this past Friday! We will be teaching at the Kim Young Jin English School, a private school that meets in the evenings.

Fourth largest city in the country

In Korea, students go to school from morning until night.  University entrance exams are infamously difficult, and acceptance at a top school brings pride to the whole family.  To aid students with these notorious exams, parents send their children to hagwons in the evenings.  Hagwons are basically like cram schools; they can cover various subjects and run from 2-10pm.  Most students still don’t make the cut for the top schools, but the hagwons persist.  Andy and I will be at a hagwon, although ours only teaches English.  We are fortunate in that our director also offered better hours (although still evening).  We also get Saturdays off, a rarity for Korean teachers.  This will give us plenty of time to explore the city and rest of the country!

My new home!

March is still six months away, so in the meantime I plan to find some kind of job to save up before I travel across the world.  I’m also going to work on my Korean… luckily they have such ridiculous K-dramas that I can totally get into!

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