Something good, at last

Andy and I have an interview for a hagwon (private language school) on Thursday.  This is by no means the actual placement we may accept, but it’s a start in the right direction!

This is the city (but not the neighborhood):

Seoul, South Korea

Can’t beat that view.

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Fighting the Blahs

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty blah.  Unemployed, living at home, boyfriend 700 miles away instead of the usual 200… you do the math.

So what’s a girl to do? Go shopping!

Just so we’re clear–this is not my usual m.o.  If I don’t have something to buy, I don’t browse.  Period.  But I did have to pick up a new strapless bra (can I say that on the internet?) before my upcoming trip to Bermuda, so off to Target I went.

After trying on a million things and returning them to their spot on the floor, I was beginning to feel pretty bummed.  I couldn’t only be getting the thing I came for… I mean, no one even gets to see it.  It’s not fun.  So I picked up fun accessories, toyed with the idea, and put them back.  I probably did this five thousand times.  The sales people definitely thought I was either shoplifting or crazy.  The problem is that it’s hard to shop “for fun” when: 1) you don’t really enjoy shopping and 2) you are on a fixed income.  Fixed at zero.  Luckily I managed to frame two scarves as “Bermuda purchases” (vary up a limited wardrobe! take up no room in the luggage!) Plus I’ve meaning to get scarves for a while, but spending money on a strip of cloth held little interest.

One other item of import: black crackle nail polish.  I’ve been lusting after this for a while as well.  Target didn’t stock OPI, but I settled for Sally Hansen.  A choice I’ll probably regret, oh well.

As for my evening… I watched a hair tutorial here on how to get vintage curls without heat, and am now rocking the ridiculous curls in an elastic look.  I sent a photo to my boyfriend (currently in Indianapolis) to remind him why he should totally miss me.  I’ll share it with you (aka my boyfriend again, because I don’t think anyone else reads this) so, you too, can see what it’s like to date me.  Fabulous.

If you squint real hard, you can see the new nail polish in action!

With that, I bid my adieu.  Good night blogosphere!

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Teaching in Korea

Yes, Busan South Korea looks like this!

I recently graduated from a private, four-year university.  Yes, I’m unemployed.  With student debt! Life is grand, sometimes.

After sending out approximately 50 job applications, I became disheartened.  My career services department was essentially useless.  I realize that in today’s world, 50 job applications is not that many.  The reason I became fed up with this is because I was applying for jobs I did not want… and I still wasn’t getting them.  Anything I wanted was either 1) not hiring or 2) needed experience.  How the heck am I supposed to get experience??

So I started to look towards alternate options.  I had long considered law school, so I am taking the LSAT in October.  Even if I decide against law school, my score will be on file for 5 years.  That’s a long time to change my mind (over and over again).

Teaching English appealed to me.  I studied International Relations at school and have a passion for linguistics and foreign language (currently speak two with knowledge of more).  I welcome the opportunity to be an expat.  And not to lose sight of what matters, I am up to the challenge of teaching students the English language.

But why South Korea?
Teaching in South Korea offers many benefits that could not be found elsewhere:

  1. Paid airfare
  2. Paid housing (which the schools acquire for their teachers)
  3. 50% medical insurance
  4. One of the most competitive salaries for Native English Teachers (NETs)

Some other, more personal, benefits:

  1. I could go and live with my current SO
  2. I would be living in a first-world country
  3. South Korea is NOT like the US
Busan, South Korea looks like this!
Yes, South Korea looks like this! (Busan, SK)

And so last week, I sent out my application to the FBI for a background check (required for a visa).  Many recruiting agencies have been contacting me.  I’ve also spoken with people who have taught in Korea personally, including a lovely couple who offered to find a position for myself/my SO at their school.  At this point, I have to wait for my background check and then get a slew of documents notarized/apostille-d.  But it’s nice to have something to look forward to… a guaranteed job, something different before law school.

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If I can’t master causation rules, then I will bomb the LSAT.

If I bomb the LSAT, I may or may not have mastered causation rules.
If I master causation rules, I may still bomb the LSAT.
If I do well on the LSAT, I will have mastered causation rules.

If I don’t do well on the LSAT I will throw myself over a cliff.
You do the rest.

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Keeping up with friends

Sometimes organizing ways to hang out with friends can feel like pulling teeth.  I really do not understand why this is always the case, but it is… We’re all home, we all have rides, we all want to hang out tonight.  Over the past week it’s been clear – let’s hang out Saturday night.  Great! But then one person always has to ask…

What are we doing tonight?

With that, it always crumbles.  The eager desire to get together becomes a bumbling group of people saying “I don’t know, what do you want to do…?” Everyone texts each other, “What’s going on tonight?” “I’m not sure, maybe Ashley knows? Try Rebecca.” Except no one ever knows because no one ever made plans.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I am very Type A.  I like to have things scheduled on my calendar as far as possible.  Over six months away? Not a problem.  So dealing with this kind of scheduling fiasco is exasperating to me.  I realize what’s going on, so I usually try to come up with a plan–this time it’s meeting at a restaurant–but if I don’t, no one does.  Then I have to deal with the barrage of texts and IMs which follow… not the most fun of tasks, especially tonight after over two hours of LSAT study.

One thing I am, however, in addition to Type A, is loyal to my friends.  I have a lot of people I always try to see over breaks (and unemployment, hopefully, is just a long break…).  I do what I can to make it happen.  Yes, it is annoying to have to deal with people this way.  I expect more.  But I do what I can, because I know there have probably been a hundred times during which I asked…

What are we doing tonight?

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Numero Uno

Hi World,
   I anticipate this blog bringing me fame and fortune, an advertiser’s dream.  Luckily you’re right at the beginning! So sit back, read every word, and feel free to link me anywhere.  When I’m rich and famous I will remember the little people (maybe).  Better get on my good side now, while I’m still making the list of who gets a puppy and a pool.

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